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The Dreamer's Woods
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Small chainsaw carved Tlingit totem

Over the years, many of Eric's customers have asked him to carve totems.  One day, Eric decided he would create a Tlingit-inspired totem pole.  This little guy is approximately 10-12 inches tall and depicts the thunderbird and the bear. 

While not a traditionally created hand-carving as many totems are, this is truly a unique piece of art created with a chainsaw.  Eric's wife loved the piece so much that she kept the scultpure on the bookcase for any of her guests to admire.  She said, "A carver needs to have some of his own pieces to show off at home, too."



We produce hand-crafted Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Spruce carvings from The Dreamer's Woods, LLC, Port Angeles, WA. Keep in mind that all carvings are individually finished and therefore may vary slightly from the posted picture.

Carvings are made from natural wood products and are stained with a natural oil-based deck stain. To freshen your artwork, simply apply a new coat of deck stain. Checks and cracks may occur and are a natural process of drying wood and should not be considered a flaw or defect of the carving, rather an enhancement to the character of the piece.

Custom Commissoned Chain Saw Carving - Special Commission Wood Sculpture